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Hockey Tiruvallur Presents New Office Bearers at Sri N P V Ramasamy Udayar Hockey Centre, Porur

Hockey Tiruvallur, the premier organization aimed at developing hockey in Tiruvallur district, presented its newly elected office bearers at the Sri N P V Ramasamy Udayar Hockey Centre, Porur on 19th March. The office bearers were introduced to the members by Padmashri V Baskaran, the mentor and patron of Hockey Tiruvallur.

Office bearers of Hockey Tiruvallur with Padmashri V Baskaran

The newly elected office bearers are as follows:

  • Patron: Padmashri V Baskaran

  • President: Dr Prakash Ayyadurai

  • Vice Presidents: Mr Ashok Kumar, Mr S M Hamesh Kumar, Mr Somesh Saravana

  • Secretary: Mr Prabakaran

  • Joint Secretaries: Mr Navaneethakrishnan, Mrs Mercy

  • Treasurer: Mr Rajendran

  • Executive Members: Mr Anand Francis, Mr Lakshmana Perumal, Mr Gopi J, Mr Sridaran, Mr Vijaya Kumar K, Mrs Saranya, Mr Kamalakannan

Speaking on the occasion, Padmashri V Baskaran congratulated the newly elected office bearers and expressed his confidence in their ability to lead Hockey Tiruvallur to new heights. He said, "The new office bearers of Hockey Tiruvallur are a group of committed individuals who have the passion and dedication to develop hockey in Tiruvallur district. I have no doubt that under their leadership, Hockey Tiruvallur will achieve great success."

Dr Prakash Ayyadurai, the newly elected president of Hockey Tiruvallur, thanked the members for their trust and support. He said, "It is an honour to be elected as the president of Hockey Tiruvallur. I am committed to working with the team to develop hockey at all levels in the district and create opportunities for young players to showcase their talent."

The presentation of the new office bearers is an important step for Hockey Tiruvallur, as it continues to grow and expand its activities in the region. The new leadership team is expected to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the organization, and work towards achieving its objectives of promoting hockey in Tiruvallur and nurturing young talent in the region.

The association of Padmashri V Baskaran with Hockey Tiruvallur has been a significant boost for the organization, and the new office bearers will have the benefit of his guidance and support. The future looks bright for Hockey Tiruvallur, and the newly elected office bearers are ready to take on the challenge of developing hockey in Tiruvallur district.

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