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"Madurai's Dinesh and Indian Bank's Somanna Lead Hockey Tiruvallur's Dragflick-King Contest!"

The NPV Ramasamy Udayar Hockey Centre in Porur witnessed an exhilarating display of drag flicks as 26 contestants battled it out in the first-ever Dragflick-King Contest hosted by Hockey Tiruvallur. In the first round, each contestant completed six drag flicks, and their speed was captured using a radar gun by Dr. Shishir and Dr. Prakash Ayyadurai from the Sri Ramchandra Centre for Sports Science.

The audience was on the edge of their seats as Dinesh Click here to view his dragflick from Madurai and Somanna from Indian Bank topped the first round with a whopping 113 km/hr, while Senthil Kumar recorded 106 km/hr. Navin, Vijaya Sarathi, and Ashok pushed at 105 km/hr, and Lakshman Karan, Chandru, Mahendran, and his teammates Vinodhan and Anand recorded 103 km/hr. Ananth, Prithvi, and Santha Kumar were also able to make it to the 100 km mark.

Padmashri V Baskaran, former Indian hockey captain and the architect of this contest, spoke highly of the contestants, saying, "The level of skill and technique displayed by these players is truly remarkable. They are the future of Indian hockey."

The Hockey fans of Tiruvallur Premier Hockey League were also ecstatic about the contest. One fan exclaimed, "I have never seen such raw power and technique in drag flicks. These players are true gems of Indian hockey, and we are lucky to witness such a contest."

The next round of the contest will be based on accuracy and speed, and it promises to be even more exciting. The top 26 contestants from the first round will battle it out to see who can accurately hit the targets placed in the goalpost at the highest speed.

The winner of this 4 round contest will be crowned the Dragflick-King of Hockey Tiruvallur. Hockey fans and enthusiasts are encouraged to come and witness this contest at the Sri NPV Ramasamy Udayar Hockey Centre. This event is not to be missed, and it promises to be a treat for all hockey lovers.

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