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Drag flick-King contest: All you need to know.

Hockey Drag Flick-King Contest

An exciting first-of-its-kind competition in the world for drag-flick

Contest format

Round 1 - Elimination Round

  • Each participant will take 6 drag flicks to assess the speed of their flick.

  • The speed will be measured using a radar gun behind the goalpost.

  • The average speed of the 6 drag flicks will be assessed, and the participant with the lowest average speed will be eliminated.

Round 2 - Speed and Accuracy Round

  • The remaining participants will take 6 drag flicks each to assess the speed and accuracy of their flicks.

  • The target will be a target ring located at the top & low corners of both (left & right) of the goalpost.

  • Each successful flick that hits the target will score 1 point.

  • The participant with the highest score will move on to the next round.

Round 3 - One-on-One Round

  • The remaining participants will compete against each other in a one-on-one round.

  • Each participant will take 3 drag flicks, and the best of the two will move on to the next round.

Round 4 - Grand Finale

  • The final round will test the speed and accuracy of the drag flicks with a dummy goalkeeper and defender in the post.

  • The participant with the highest score will be declared the winner of the Field Hockey Drag Flick Contest.


  • Each participant will have 1 minute to complete their 6 drag flicks in the first and second rounds.

  • The participant will have to follow the FIH drag flick rules.

  • The contestant must bring his own injector and stopper for the drag flick contest.

  • The judges' decision will be final and binding.


  • The winner will receive a trophy and a cash prize of ₹25,000

  • The runner-up will receive a medal and a cash prize of ₹10,000

All drag flickers will be entitled to a sponsored Biomechanics assessment of their Dragflick at the world-class Sri Ramchandra Centre for Sports Science Biomechanics lab

The Field Hockey Drag Flick-king Contest will be a first-of-its-kind thrilling event in the world that showcases the best drag flickers in India. The competition will be conducted fairly and transparently, ensuring that the winner truly deserves the title of the Drag Flick-King.

The involvement of an injector and stopper will improve the understanding between the teammates and result in better outcomes.

A panel of 3 umpires will judge the contest, along with a sport scientist and biomechanics analyst to ensure the accuracy of the results.

The contest will be held concurrently during the Tiruvallur Premier League starting April 15, 2023.

Last date for application is April 10.

To apply now use this link

The contest schedule will be available shortly.

For clarifications contact Dr Prakash Ayyadurai at +91 9600071911 or email us at

Visit for more information.

Biomechanics & Sports Medicine Partner:

Sri Ramchandra Centre for Sports Science, Porur, Chennai

Venue Partner:

Shri NPV Ramasamy Udayar Hockey Centre, Porur

League Partner:

Tiruvallur Hockey League

Download the above in pdf format here

Hockey Drag Flick-King Contest rules
Download PDF • 479KB

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