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Electrifying Moments in Swasth Masters League 2.0 - Unveiling Matchday Highlights (10/09/2023)

The Swasth Masters League continued its action-packed journey on the 10th of September, 2023, at the Ramachandra Medical College grounds, Porur. Four exhilarating matches filled with fierce competition, incredible goals, and outstanding performances unfolded before the eager spectators. Let's delve into the match analysis and relive the excitement.

Match 1 : SM Nagar Dominates Avadi Masters with a 4-0 Victory

The morning began with a clash between SM Nagar and Avadi Masters, and SM Nagar displayed their dominance with a convincing 4-0 victory. Ashok Kumar was the star of the show, netting two goals with precision (12 & 30 min PC), while Karthick added to the tally with two remarkable goals (23 min FG & 33 min PC). SM Nagar's commanding performance set the tone for the day.

Important Moments:

  • Ashok Kumar's clinical penalty corner conversion in the 12th minute.

  • Karthick's splendid field goal in the 23rd minute.

  • A penalty corner goal by Ashok Kumar in the 30th minute.

  • Karthick's second goal via a penalty corner in the 33rd minute.

Match 2: Adambakkam Veterans Triumph Over Mount United with a 3-1 Win

The second matchup witnessed Adambakkam Veterans asserting their dominance with a 3-1 triumph against Mount United. Raj Narayanan shone brightly with a pair of goals (29 & 31 min FG), while Sampath added to the excitement with a goal in the 36th minute (FG). Mount United managed to put up a fight, with Baskaran contributing a goal (14 min FG).

Important Moments:

  • Raj Narayanan's quickfire goals in the 29th and 31st minutes.

  • Sampath's goal for Adambakkam Veterans in the 36th minute.

  • Baskaran's goal for Mount United in the 14th minute.

Match 3: Madras Veterans Conquer Nilgiris Veterans 3-1

Madras Veterans continued their impressive run in the league, securing a 3-1 victory over Nilgiris Veterans. The goal parade featured Diwakaran (26 min FG), V Sathishkumar (32 min PC), and Ramesh Babu (39 min FG) finding the target for Madras Veterans. Nadaraj kept Nilgiris Veterans in contention with a goal in the 23rd minute (PS).

Important Moments:

  • Diwakaran's goal for Madras Veterans in the 26th minute.

  • V Sathishkumar's penalty corner goal in the 32nd minute.

  • Ramesh Babu's goal for Madras Veterans in the 39th minute.

  • Nadaraj's penalty stroke goal for Nilgiris Veterans in the 23rd minute.

Match 4: Madurai Veterans and Tamilnadu Veterans Battle to a 1-1 Draw, Madurai Emerges Victorious in Tie-Breaker

In a closely contested match, Madurai Veterans and Tamilnadu Veterans battled to a 1-1 draw during regular time. Ramadoss netted a crucial goal for Madurai Veterans in the 37th minute (FG), while Vaman responded for Tamilnadu Veterans with a goal in the 31st minute (FG). However, the tie-breaker saw Madurai Veterans emerge victorious with a 2-1 win, with K.P. Sivakumar delivering stellar saves as the goalkeeper.

Important Moments:

  • Ramadoss's field goal for Madurai Veterans in the 37th minute.

  • Vaman's field goal for Tamilnadu Veterans in the 31st minute.

  • K.P. Sivakumar's exceptional saves in the tie-breaker.

Man of the Match:

  • Match 1: Thirumalvalavan (SM Nagar)

  • Match 2: Babu (Adambakkam Veterans)

  • Match 3: Sudarshan (Madras Veterans)

  • Match 4: K.P. Sivakumar (Madurai Veterans)

The Swasth Masters League 2.0 not only showcased the exceptional talents of seasoned veterans but also celebrated the rich legacy of the sport. One remarkable aspect of this league was the participation of individuals who had contributed significantly to hockey in various capacities.

Mr John Paul - International Umpire

Mr. John Paul, an officiated umpire of the 2007 Asia Cup in Chennai (International), who now donned the jersey for Madurai Veterans.

Also Mr. Jerry, who served as a national umpire from 2017 to 2022 in Tamil Nadu and Nilgiris, took the field as a player for the Nilgiris Veterans, demonstrating the enduring passion and love for the game. This convergence of experienced umpires turned players was a testament to the enduring love for hockey in the region. The organizers couldn't be prouder to host these veterans of the game, knowing that their presence would inspire the next generation of hockey enthusiasts, igniting a passion that will continue to thrive in the years to come.

Mr Jerry - National Umpire

The Swasth Masters League continues to provide an electrifying platform for hockey enthusiasts, showcasing talent, sportsmanship, and nail-biting matches. Stay tuned for more updates as the competition progresses and the teams battle for glory.

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