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Final Day of the Tiruvallur Premier Hockey League: Thrilling Conclusions and Semifinals Preview

The Sri NPV Ramasamy Udayar Hockey Centre in Porur was abuzz with excitement as the final day of league matches in the Tiruvallur Premier Hockey League unfolded. The day witnessed intense clashes, stunning victories, and crucial positioning on the league table. Let's dive into the action-packed matches and the resulting standings.

Match 1: Moscow Magic Vs Hockstars

In the opening match of the day, league leaders Moscow Magic faced off against Hockstars. The Magicians showcased their dominance and left the Hockstars in their wake, demolishing them with an astonishing scoreline of 11-0. It was a display of pure class and skill from Moscow Magic.

Suresh Babu was the star of the match, bagging an impressive hat-trick with goals in the 23rd, 35th, and 38th minutes. Aravind contributed significantly with goals in the 27th, 31st, and 46th minutes, while Srikanth displayed his prowess with goals in the 19th and 52nd minutes. Navinkumar scored from a penalty corner in the 7th minute, and Vijay and Sethupandian added to the tally with goals in the 11th and 14th minutes, respectively.

The coach of Moscow Magic, Kumar, expressed his satisfaction with the team's performance, stating, "We maintained our relentless attacking style throughout the match, and it paid off handsomely. The players executed their roles to perfection."

Somesh, the captain of Hockstars, acknowledged the Magicians' superiority, saying, "Facing Moscow Magic is always a tough challenge. They displayed exceptional skill and coordination, and we couldn't match their level of play today."

Srikanth from Moscow Magic was rightfully awarded the man of the match for his exceptional contributions. With this defeat, Hockstars settled in the 7th position in the league standings.

Match 2: KGS Hockey Academy Vs Avadi Blues

Field Hockey Play
KGS pounding the Blues Goal

The clash between KGS Hockey Academy and Avadi Blues brought forth an enthralling battle on the field. KGS, standing third in the league, displayed their mettle and emerged victorious with a commanding 9-2 scoreline. The match was a testament to KGS's attacking prowess and tactical superiority.

Vinodhan stole the show with an outstanding display, netting five goals in the 5th, 20th, 32nd, 40th, and 57th minutes. Silver Stalin added to the scoreline with two goals in the 9th and 18th minutes, while Mahendran and Ranjith found the back of the net in the 13th and 50th minutes, respectively. Mano Aravind showcased his skills for the Blues, scoring in the 3rd and 55th minutes.

Thirumal Valavan, the manager of KGS Hockey Academy and former Olympian, praised the team's performance, stating, "Our players demonstrated great coordination and executed their game plan to perfection. This victory propels us to the second position in the league standings."

Gopi, the manager of Avadi Blues, acknowledged KGS's dominance, saying, "KGS Hockey Academy displayed exceptional skills and tactical brilliance today. We struggled to contain their relentless attacks."

Sathiya from KGS Hockey Academy was named the man of the match for his exceptional contributions. With this defeat, Avadi Blues finished in the 6th position in the league standings.

Match 3: Dhyand Veerans Vs Pattabiram Strikers

In a match marred by illness and injuries, the Dhyand Veerans locked horns with the Pattabiram Strikers. The Strikers emerged victorious with a 4-1 scoreline, causing the Veerans to slip to the third position in the league standings. The Strikers showcased resilience and determination to secure the win.

The scorers for the Strikers were Dinesh Kumar, who netted goals in the 1st, 37th, and 47th minutes, and Dhamu, who scored in the 51st minute. Dhillepan provided a consolation goal for the Veerans in the 2nd minute.

Laxman Karan, the captain of the Veerans, remained optimistic, saying, "Despite the challenges we faced, our team fought valiantly. We will regroup and come back stronger in the semifinals."

Jagan, the captain of the Strikers, expressed his satisfaction with the team's performance, stating, "We executed our game plan effectively and capitalized on the Veerans' weaknesses. It's a great morale boost for us heading into the semifinals."

Both the Dhyand Veerans and the Pattabiram Strikers have already secured their spots in the semifinals. Jagan was deservedly named the man of the match for his exceptional display.

Match 4: SM Nagar Vs Dallar's Hockey Club

In a ritual send-off match, SM Nagar faced off against Dallar's Hockey Club. Having narrowly missed out on a semifinals spot, SM Nagar bid farewell to the league with a 2-0 victory. Raja and Prabhakaran were the goal scorers, finding the back of the net in the 18th and 35th minutes, respectively.

Dhushal from SM Nagar was recognized as the best Young Player of the team in the league for his outstanding contributions. Prabhakaran was adjudged man of the match for his winning goal. With this win, SM Nagar finished in the 5th position in the league standings, while Dallar's Hockey Club settled at the bottom without a single win in the league.

TPL League table
TPL Final League Standings

As the league matches came to a thrilling conclusion, all eyes are now set on the upcoming semifinals. The first leg semifinals between Moscow Magic and Pattabiram Strikers will take place on the 4th of June at 3:00 PM, followed by the clash between KGS Hockey Academy and Dhyand Veernas at 4:30 PM. The second-leg semifinals are scheduled for the 10th of June. Excitement is mounting as the journey toward the Finals on the 11th of June at the Sri NPV Ramasamy Udayar Hockey Centre, Porur, draws near.

Field Hockey Championship Cup
TPL League Cup

Mr. Mohammed Muneer, the technical director of the TPL, shared his thoughts on the league so far, stating, "The Tiruvallur Premier Hockey League has witnessed outstanding performances from all the teams. The level of competition has been intense, and it reflects the growing talent in our region."

Olympian Padmashri V Baskaran, the League Director, encouraged fans to attend the upcoming semifinals and finals, saying, "The passion and support of the fans are crucial in making these matches memorable. I urge all hockey enthusiasts to come to the Sri NPV Ramasamy Udayar Hockey Centre and witness the thrill of the semifinals and finals."

As the league season approaches its climax, anticipation is running high, and the stage is set for an exhilarating finish. Make sure to mark your calendars and be a part of the enthralling action that awaits in the Tiruvallur Premier Hockey League.

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