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Fireworks on the Field: Swasth™ Masters League Game Week 4.

The Swasth™ Masters League continued its spectacular journey into the 4th game week, captivating hockey enthusiasts and showcasing the true essence of the sport. The Hockey Tiruvallur Masters Second Edition saw two exhilarating matches that left fans on the edge of their seats. Let's dive into the action and drama that unfolded on the field!

Match 1: Mount United vs. Madras Masters (6-2)

Mount United Soars High, Overpowering Madras Masters

In the first thrilling encounter, Mount United faced off against Madras Masters, and what followed was nothing short of a goal-fest. The match ignited right from the whistle, with both teams displaying their attacking intent. Saravanan from Mount United was in sublime form, bagging two goals in the 4th and 13th minutes, showcasing his sharpshooting skills. But Madras Masters quickly responded with Micheal notching a goal in the 5th minute, setting the tone for a high-scoring battle.

Mount United's Stephen proved to be the game-changer with his clinical strikes in the 34th and 39th minutes, further bolstering their lead. Deepak and Ashok Kumar joined the goal parade, adding one each to the tally. Madras Masters fought valiantly, with Gunaseelan making his mark with a goal in the 26th minute, but it wasn't enough to match Mount United's relentless attack. The final scoreline read 6-2 in favor of Mount United, marking an electrifying start to the day's action.

S Michael - CHA Umpire

S. Micheal, a seasoned umpire with the Chennai Hockey Association for the past ten years, has now showcased his skills on the field as a player for Madras Masters. His transition from being an umpire to actively participating as a player in the Swasth™ Masters League adds an intriguing twist to the league's dynamics

Goal-scorers for Mount united

  • Saravanan

    • 4th minute (Field Goal)

    • 13th minute (Field Goal)

  • Deepak:

    • 7th minute (Field Goal)

  • Stephen:

    • 34th minute (Field Goal)

    • 39th minute (Field Goal)

  • Ashok Kumar:

    • 35th minute (Field Goal)

Goal-scorers for Madras Masters

  • Micheal:

    • 5th minute (Field Goal)

  • Gunaseelan:

    • 26th minute (Field Goal)

Match 2: Madras Veterans vs. Thunder Squad (2-0)

Madras Veterans Display Experience and Tenacity

The second match of the day witnessed an intriguing battle between Madras Veterans and Thunder Squad. Madras Veterans, with their wealth of experience, showcased their prowess on the field. Diwakaran opened the scoring in the 10th minute with a well-executed field goal, giving his team an early lead. Thunder Squad fought back fiercely, but Madras Veterans' resolute defense kept them at bay.

As the match progressed, Ramesh Babu added to Madras Veterans' tally with another field goal in the 17th minute. Thunder Squad put up a spirited fight but couldn't break through Madras Veterans' stronghold. With a final score of 2-0, Madras Veterans secured a well-deserved victory, underlining their reputation as formidable contenders in the league.

Goals-scorers for Madras Veterans

  • Diwakaran (Madras Veterans) - 10th minute (Field Goal)

  • Ramesh Babu (Madras Veterans) - 17th minute (Field Goal)

The 4th game week of the Swasth™ Masters League delivered thrilling showdowns that celebrated the spirit of hockey. From goal-scoring prowess to solid defensive displays, these matches had it all. As the league progresses, the competition continues to intensify, promising even more exciting encounters in the last league day where fate of the defending champions Tamilnadu Veterans will be decided in Pool A and the deadlock between the unbeaten SM Nagar & Madras Veterans will be broken. Stay tuned for more exciting stories.

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