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Glorious Triumph at Tiruvallur Premier League Prize Distribution Ceremony

Dignitaries and the Host Padmashri V Baskaran

The stage was set for an unforgettable evening as the prestigious Tiruvallur Premier League prize distribution ceremony unfolded in all its grandeur. The event, held to honor the remarkable achievements of the league's participants, was a fitting culmination of weeks of intense competition and outstanding displays of skill. Spearheaded by the revered former Secretary General of the Indian Hockey Federation, Mr. K. Jothikumaran, as the chief guest, the ceremony was a true celebration of excellence.

Joining the distinguished list of attendees was Mr. R. Prabakaran, an Indian hockey international, who graced the occasion as the guest of honor. Accompanying him was Mr. S. Thirumalvalavan, a renowned hockey Olympian, whose presence lent an air of prestige to the event. The ceremony also welcomed Mr. Stephen David, a retired General Manager from SDAT, Mr. M. S. Udaykumar, Secretary of the Chennai Hockey Association, Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram, a retired General Manager from ONGC, and Mr Thirumalavasan a renowned publicist who added their wisdom and experiences to the occasion.

Guiding the proceedings with finesse and expertise was Padmashri V Baskaran, the esteemed League Director, who ensured that every aspect of the ceremony was conducted flawlessly. Under his leadership, the event unfolded seamlessly, creating a memorable experience for all in attendance.

The highlight of the evening was the recognition and appreciation bestowed upon the outstanding teams and individuals who left an indelible mark on the league. KGS Hockey Academy, the epitome of excellence, emerged as the TPL Champions, basking in the glory of their exceptional performance. They were presented with a grand prize of Rs. 25,000, along with a gleaming gold medal and the prestigious league trophy, symbolizing their remarkable triumph.

KGS Hockey Academy - TPL Champions

Moscow Magic, the runners-up, were honored for their stellar journey in the league, receiving a well-deserved prize of Rs. 15,000 and a silver medal. Their unwavering determination and competitive spirit left an indomitable impression on all those who witnessed their performances.

Moscow Magic TPL - Runners

The third-place position was secured by Dhyand Veerans, a team that showcased immense talent and grit throughout the league. Their noteworthy accomplishments earned them a prize of Rs. 10,000, accompanied by a gleaming bronze medal.

Dhyand Veerans TPL - 3rd place

A special moment of the ceremony came as Hockey Tiruvallur recognized a group of promising young talents who showcased exceptional skills throughout the league. These 11 fresh talents of TPL were carefully selected and presented with medals as a testament to their outstanding performances and potential for a bright future in the sport. The recipients of this prestigious recognition were Rajkumar, Sathya Guru, Santha Kumar, Somanna, PV Srikanth, Praveen Kumar, Santhosh, Suresh Babu, Hari Haran, Saravana Kumar, and Yogesh.

TPL Fresh talent - 11

Recognizing the invaluable contributions of the technical officials and their commitment to fair play, the chief guest, Mr. K. Jothikumaran, extended his heartfelt appreciation and honored them during the ceremony. He also spoke " how he had been away from the sport for a long time & how this league and the way it was conducted gave him renewed enthusiasm & energy to contribute to the development of hockey again".

Adding to the grandeur of the occasion, Mr. Navaneethakrishnan and the technical officials were honored for their invaluable contributions to the league. Their dedication and expertise ensured the smooth conduct of matches and the adherence to fair play.

The ceremony also witnessed a moment of gratitude towards the key individuals who contributed to the success of the league. Padmashri V Baskaran, the League Director, was lauded for his visionary leadership and meticulous organization that brought the league to fruition. Furthermore, Mr. Nikesh, the videographer of TPL, Mr. Ramswamy and Mr. Petchimuthu Raman, the esteemed hospitality partners, and Mr. Jai and Mr. Nagaraj, the dedicated ground staff, were honored for their unwavering support and significant contributions.

Amidst the awards and accolades, the ceremony also recognized the immense potential of young players by distributing jerseys for the summer coaching camp organized by Hockey Tiruvallur. Sixteen boys and girls were selected to receive this prestigious opportunity, aimed at nurturing their talent and fostering their love for the sport.

Hockey Tiruvallur team with the children from the coaching camp

As the event concluded, the entire league community celebrated the remarkable talents and achievements that graced the Tiruvallur Premier League. It was a testament to the region's passion for hockey and the unwavering support of the community. The event not only recognized the champions but also showcased the nurturing and fostering of young talents, ensuring a bright future for hockey in Tiruvallur. The memories and accomplishments of TPL will forever remain etched in the hearts of players, officials, and fans, inspiring future generations to partake in the beautiful sport of hockey.

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