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Hard Court Hockey Extravaganza: Tiruvallur League 2023

July 2nd - July 30th, 2023 | Tamilnadu Special Police 5th Battalion Ground, Avadi

The much-awaited Tiruvallur League, the first of its kind in the district, featuring electrifying hard court hockey matches, is all set to kick off on July 2nd, Sunday, at 3:00 PM. This historic tournament promises twelve thrilling league matches leading up to the semifinals on July 23rd and culminating in the grand finals on July 30th. The action-packed matches will take place on weekends at the Tamilnadu Special Police 5th Battalion Ground in Avadi.


🔵 Pool A:

  • Dollar Hockey Club

  • Thunder Squad

  • ANC Trust

  • Pattabiram Strikers

🔴 Pool B:

  • Avadi Blues

  • Saravanavel Memorial Hockey

  • KGS Hockey Academy

  • S.M. Nagar Hockey

The league has garnered immense support from key personalities in the world of hockey. Mr. Prabhakaran, Secretary of Hockey Tiruvallur, expressed his excitement, stating, "We are thrilled to witness the first-ever hard court hockey league in Tiruvallur district. This platform will not only showcase the skills of talented players but also reignite the passion for the game among fans."

Mr. Rajendran, Treasurer of Hockey Tiruvallur, highlighted the significance of this league, saying, "The Tiruvallur League serves as a milestone in the district's hockey journey, providing a unique opportunity for players to shine on the hard court and pave their way to success."

Dr. Prakash Ayyadurai, President of Hockey Tiruvallur, emphasized the dedication of the organizers, stating, "We are committed to promoting and nurturing the sport of hockey in Tiruvallur. The launch of this league marks a significant milestone in our efforts to bring the game closer to the community and inspire future generations."

Adding to the excitement, Mr. Navaneedhakrishnan, the technical director of the league, highlighted the level of competition, stating, "The Tiruvallur League brings together some of the most skilled players, promising intense battles and incredible displays of talent. The players are eager to make their mark and exhibit their prowess on the hard court."

To all the hockey enthusiasts out there, this is an invitation to witness the spectacle of Hard Court Hockey, Tiruvallur League. Entry is free, so grab your friends and family, and join us at the Tamilnadu Special Police 5th Battalion Ground in Avadi. Let's come together to support and celebrate the spirit of hockey as these extraordinary athletes compete for glory and etch their names in the annals of the sport.

Remember, the excitement begins on July 2nd at 3:00 PM. Don't miss out on the thrilling action!

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Jul 09, 2023

Hardworking organizing committee.. Hockey world expecting more from the Hockey Tiruvallore

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