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Pattabiram Strikers are Champions of the First Med-Pro Hockey Tiruvallur League

Date: 30th July 2023

Venue: TSP 5th Battalion Ground, Avadi

A Fierce Battle for Glory

The TSP 5th Battalion Ground in Avadi was brimming with excitement as the finals of the 1st Med-Pro Hockey Tiruvallur District (Hard Court) League Tournament unfolded. The much-awaited clash between Pattabiram Strikers and SM Nagar Hockey lived up to its billing, providing a thrilling showdown for the spectators.

1st Half: An Explosive Start

Both teams commenced the match with a display of attacking hockey, determined to seize the initiative early on. In the initial moments, they exchanged missed opportunities, with both sides squandering two chances each.

SM Nagar's Kugan capitalized on a rebound, putting his team in the lead after Viji's attempt ricocheted from the goal-bound hit. The Pattabiram Strikers immediately launched a series of attacking moves, earning three penalty corners in quick succession. However, they failed to convert any of them into goals.

The first half witnessed some spirited midfield play for about 7-8 minutes, with both teams vying for control. In a brilliant effort, Arun of Pattabiram Strikers managed to score a beautiful field goal, leveling the scoreboard at 1-1.

2nd Half: A Battle for Supremacy

As the second half kicked off, the intensity on the field reached a new high, with both teams determined to secure victory. SM Nagar's Viji missed a glorious opportunity to take his team into the lead. Both teams had their share of missed chances to score, resulting in an evenly poised battle.

The Pattabiram Strikers launched a counter-attack, with Aldrin's hit inside the D failing to find the mark. Sunil of Pattabiram Strikers unleashed a dangerous hit towards the rival goal, creating tension in the SM Nagar defense. Despite relentless efforts, both teams failed to convert crucial goal-scoring opportunities.

The turning point of the match arrived when Pattabiram Strikers were awarded a penalty stroke due to a dangerous move by SMN's goalkeeper, Rajkumar, along with their defender. Pattabiram Strikers' Captain Jagan made no mistake, converting the penalty stroke and giving his team a 2-1 lead.

The Pattabiram Strikers continued to press on, but they couldn't convert two more field-goal moves and a penalty corner. Nevertheless, John (jersey 4) of Pattabiram Strikers scored from a field goal, extending their lead. SM Nagar's hopes were dashed when they missed a golden chance to score, and Pattabiram Strikers' goalkeeper saved a well-orchestrated move.

Thrilling Finish and Laudable Performances

As the final hooter sounded, the crowd erupted in cheers, witnessing a splendid match that left no room for respite for the goalkeepers or defenders. The Pattabiram Strikers emerged victorious with a final score of 3-1, securing the championship title.

The match was a testament to the sheer skill and tenacity displayed by both teams. Spectators were treated to an exhilarating display of fast-paced hockey and masterful passes, leaving them thoroughly entertained.

Quotes from Fans and Distinguished Guests

Chief Guest of the day, Shri Krishnaswamy, MLA of Poonamallee Constituency, praised the future of hockey in Avadi and Tiruvallur and assured support for the sport's development in the region. He said, "It's heartening to see the passion for hockey growing in our district. We will continue to support and encourage the players to reach greater heights in the sport."

Shri Jai Balaji, Chairman of Med Pro Healthcare, highlighted the importance of promoting sports in the community and the joy of being associated with the league as a sponsor. He added, "Congratulations to Pattabiram Strikers on their victory. It's great to see such talent flourishing on the field."

Shri T S BalaSubramaniam, Retired DIG of the Coast Guard, shared nostalgic memories of playing hockey in SM Nagar as a child and expressed his pride in rejuvenating hockey in his hometown. He said, "Hockey has always held a special place in my heart. Witnessing this final match brought back cherished memories. I'm glad to see the sport gaining popularity again."

VijayaKumar, a fervent fan, expressed his delight, "Well played by both the teams! 👍👏🙌"

Technical Director's Views and Joint Quotes from Hockey Tiruvallur Officials

Mr. Navneedhakrishnan, the Technical Director of the league, praised the level of competition and said, "This tournament has been a showcase of talent and dedication. The players have displayed remarkable skills, and I believe the future of hockey in Tiruvallur is bright."

Officials Honoured

Dr. Prakash Ayyadurai, President of Hockey Tiruvallur, along with Secretary Prabhakaran and Treasurer Rajendran, jointly expressed their gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and supporters. Dr. Prakash Ayyadurai stated, "This league has been a tremendous success, and it wouldn't have been possible without the support of everyone involved. We are committed to further promoting and developing hockey in Tiruvallur."

Award Ceremony: Celebrating Excellence

The award ceremony was a moment of celebration and recognition for outstanding performances throughout the tournament. The best players in various categories were honored with trophies:

Best Goalkeeper: Stanley Francis, Avadi Blues

Defender: Yogesh Kumar, SM Nagar Hockey

Mid-Fielder: Suniel, Pattabiram Strikers

Best Forward: Hariharan, SM Nagar Hockey

Best Upcoming Player: Anto, Anc trust

3rd Place Match Dollar Hockey Club Vs Avadi Blues

The 3rd Place Match between Avadi Blues (AB) and Dallar Hockey Club (DHC) witnessed an intense battle right from the start. Both youthful teams played with high intensity, resulting in thrilling moves and an evenly matched contest.

Dallar Hockey Club wasted the first Penalty Corner opportunity, and Avadi Blues' Rahul's hit went in vain as the ball was not trapped properly. Amidst the see-saw battle, AB's Jagan's attempt towards the goal was saved by the DHC goalkeeper. DHC then managed a Field-Goal from Manoj (jersey 10), taking the lead. However, AB's defense saved another goal-bound move from DHC.

The Half-Time score favored Dallar Hockey Club with a 1-0 lead.

2nd Half: Pressure and Near Misses

In the second half, Mano of Avadi Blues missed a golden opportunity to equalize, hitting straight at the goalkeeper's pads. Dallar Hockey Club increased the pressure, attempting several goal-bound shots, but AB's goalkeeper Stanley Francis thwarted their attempts.

Despite Dallar Hockey Club's efforts, AB couldn't find the equalizer. DHC's Karunamurthy managed to score a Field-Goal, extending their lead. Avadi Blues tried to mount a comeback, but their forwards couldn't capitalize on key chances.

The match concluded with Dallar Hockey Club securing a 2-0 victory, claiming the 3rd place in the 1st Med-Pro Hockey Tiruvallur District League Tournament. The match was an exhilarating display of youthful talent and competitive spirit.

A Grand Success and Gratitude

The 1st Med-Pro Hockey Tiruvallur District League Tournament came to a close with resounding success, reflecting meticulous planning, discipline, and organization. The organizing committee, sponsors, SM Nagar Hockey, Avadi Blues, Saravana Memorial Club, Police Handball Team, and all volunteers were praised for their efforts in making the event a grand affair.

The large turn-out of spectators was a testament to the growing popularity of hockey in the district. As the tournament concluded on a high note, Hockey Tiruvallur deserves commendation for hosting a captivating league, promoting the sport's growth, and kindling the passion for hockey among the people of Tiruvallur. Photos credit: Boopathy

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