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"Madras Veterans and SM Nagar Shine with Convincing Wins in Hockey Tiruvallur Tournament"

2nd September 2023, Match week 2 Commentary by Mr SM Hamesh Kumar The excitement of hockey fans reached its zenith today as the Ramachandra Medical College grounds in Porur hosted two thrilling league matches in the 2nd Swasth Masters League Tournament, conducted by Hockey Tiruvallur. With Avadi Masters clashing against Madras Veterans in the first match and SM Nagar facing off against Nilgiris Veterans in the second, it was a day filled with action-packed moments, spectacular saves, and memorable goals.

Match 1: Avadi Masters vs. Madras Veterans

1st Half

The opening clash of the day saw Avadi Masters taking on Madras Veterans in an intense battle. Right from the beginning, Madras Veterans seized the advantage as Avadi Masters surprisingly played without a goalkeeper. This tactical move put immense pressure on Avadi as Madras Veterans relentlessly attacked.

Despite several penalty corners and missed opportunities, Madras Veterans managed to break through with Kalidas scoring a field goal (11 min). Sudarshan quickly followed with another field goal (30 min), extending Madras Veterans' lead. Avadi Masters, however, fought back with a counter-attack goal from Sarathbabu (15 min, FG) (1-2). Towards the end of the first half, Sriram Singh netted one more for Madras Veterans (25 min, FG) (3-1).

2nd Half

The second half continued to see Madras Veterans dominating. Captain Gopi of Madras Veterans made a crucial save early on, denying Avadi Masters a goal. Avadi earned penalty corners but couldn't convert them. Ramesh of Madras Veterans scored twice from field goals (25 min, FG) (38 min, FG), further solidifying their lead.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Captain Gopi injured his right hand finger while making a save for Avadi Masters. Sriram Singh added another field goal (40 min, FG) to Madras Veterans' tally (6-1), and in the dying moments, Ashraff sealed the victory with yet another field goal (7-1).

Final Scores:

  • Madras Veterans: 7 (Kalidas 11', Sudarshan 30', Sriram Singh 25', Ramesh 25' and 38', Ashraff 40')

  • Avadi Masters: 1 (Sarathbabu 15', FG)

Player of the Match:

  • Sriram Singh, Forward, Madras Veterans

Match 2: SM Nagar vs. Nilgiris Veterans

1st Half

The second match of the day featured SM Nagar taking on Nilgiris Veterans. The first half saw Nilgiris Veterans launching early attacks, but they couldn't capitalize on their chances. SM Nagar's Jagan missed a golden opportunity to score, while Nilgiris Veterans' goalkeeper made a crucial save against Karthik.

Both teams engaged in a see-saw battle, with goalkeepers making impressive saves and defenses holding strong. Despite opportunities, neither team managed to break the deadlock before half-time.

1st Half Score:

  • SM Nagar: 0

  • Nilgiris Veterans: 0

2nd Half

The second half was just as intense as the first, with both teams relentlessly pursuing goals. Ramesh, Karthik & Jagan from SM Nagar couldn't hit the mark. Apart from field goals, SM Nagar couldn't capitalize on the 2 PCs which were earned by them. Few shots at goal were saved by goalkeeper of Nilgiris Veterans.

Later, attacking in retaliation, Nilgiris Veterans earned 2 PCs in succession, but both chances to score were missed by them. Again, a few goalward shots by Ramesh of SM Nagar were not on target and either saved by Nilgiris goalkeeper or cleared by the Defenders.

As hectic pressure was built-up by SM Nagar, they earned a PC through Captain Prabakaran's shot on goal which was padded away dangerously by the Nilgiris goalkeeper. From the rebound of the PC taken by SM Nagar, Karthik scored the Match-Winning goal in the last few minutes of the match (38 min, PC).

It was an evenly contested match, wherein no length was asked nor any quarter given by both Teams. It was quite a thriller throughout the match, and the spectators had the treat of Hockey, as both Teams dished-out exhilarating skills of Hockey.

Final Scores:

  • SM Nagar: 1 (Karthick 38', PC)

  • Nilgiris Veterans: 0

Player of the Match:

  • Alex, Goalkeeper, Nilgiris Veterans

"Thirumal Valavan: A Hockey Luminary in International Arenas and a Valued Asset in SM Nagar Hockey"

Selvaraj Thirumal Valavan, a seasoned international hockey player, boasts an impressive career spanning 172 matches since his debut in 1997 against Poland. Notable international tournaments in which he has showcased his prowess include the Olympics in September 2000 (Sydney, 7th place finish), World Cups in February/March 2002 (Kuala Lumpur, 10th) and May 1998 (Utrecht, 9th), and the Champions Challenge in December 2001 (Kuala Lumpur, 1st place).

Valavan's achievements also extend to victories at the Asian Games in December 1998 (Bangkok, 1st place) and the Prime Minister's Gold Cup in March 2001 (Dhaka, 1st place). He has participated in various international tours, including Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and South Africa, leaving an indelible mark on the global hockey stage.

Remarkably, a player of Valavan's caliber is an integral part of SM Nagar Hockey's starting lineup, further enhancing the league's prestige. Swasth Masters League takes immense pride in hosting this remarkable veteran talent within our league, ensuring that fans continue to witness his exceptional skills and dedication to the sport.

These two league matches of the Swasth Masters League Tournament provided fans with exhilarating hockey action. Madras Veterans' dominant performance in the first match and SM Nagar's late heroics in the second match made for an unforgettable day of hockey at the Ramachandra Medical College grounds in Porur. Stay tuned for more exciting matches in this tournament!

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