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Magical Moscow Demolish Dallars with Goal Blitz

The Tiruvallur Premier League match between Moscow Magic and Dallars Hockey Club turned out to be a one-sided affair as the former demolished the latter with an astounding goal spree. Moscow Magic, who were determined to bounce back from their previous defeat, played with an attacking mindset from the outset.

Led by their star player Suresh Babu, Moscow Magic took control of the game early on, with Suresh scoring an incredible triple hattrick, the first of its kind in the tournament. He was followed closely by Abbas Ali, who registered a double hattrick, and Vijay, who scored a hattrick of his own. The Moscow Magic forwards were in sublime form, scoring at will and giving no respite to the Dallars defense.

The Dallars, on the other hand, was struggling to cope with the Magic's pace and were looking helpless. The only solace for them came when their captain Deepak Kumar made a brilliant pass to set up a potential goal, but it was foiled by an acrobatic save from the Moscow Magic goalkeeper Sanjay.

Despite being outplayed, the Dallars tried to make a comeback, but their efforts were in vain. The match ended with a massive scoreline of 21-0 in favor of the Moscow Magic.

The Moscow Magic fans were elated with the result and cheered their team on, while the Dallars fans were left to ponder on what went wrong for their team.

Praveen Kumar of Moscow Magic was adjudged the man of the match for his commanding performance in defense. Match Officials: Umpires: Mr. Surya Prakash & Mr. Ashok

Scoring Judge: Mr. Lakshmi Naryanan Technical Officer: Mr. Abdur Samar

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