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  • Dr Prakash Ayyadurai

Players Reap the Benefits of a Rigorous Strength & Conditioning Session with Coach Marshal

The players of Hockey Tiruvallur were recently treated to an intense strength and conditioning session with Coach Marshal, an intern at the Sri Ramachandra Centre for Sports Science at the Sri N P V Ramasamy Udayar Hockey Centre. The session left a positive impact on the players, who found it to be an invaluable learning experience.

Karthik, one of the players, spoke about the importance of strength training and how this is a great chance for youngsters. "Strength training is an essential aspect of hockey, and Coach Marshal will a great help in providing us with the right training and guidance. His first personalised training program has helped us work on our weaknesses and will definitely improve our performance on the field," he said.

Gopi, another player, shared his thoughts on the session, stating that it was an eye-opener for him. "Coach Marshal's training methods were innovative and intense. The session has helped me realize my potential and given me the motivation to push myself to be better," he said.

Earlier Secretary Prabhakaran welcomed & introduced their new strength training coach Marshal to the team. He said, "Strength training is a critical component of hockey. It helps players build endurance, agility, and speed. Coach Marshal has done a fantastic job of training our players and helping them realise their potential during his first session today. We looking forward to work with him for our team's success."

Jagan was quick to react , "Not all teams are exposed to this kind of training & its really a boon for players in Tiruvallur district," he said.

The players were enthusiastic about continuing their training with Coach Marshal, and they look forward to achieving even greater success on the field. The session was a testament to the importance of strength and conditioning training in sports, and with the right guidance, the team is sure to reach new heights.

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