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Tiruvallur League Day 2: SM Nagar and Avadi Blues Secure Convincing Victories

July 8th, 2023

The second match day of the exhilarating Tiruvallur League brought forth a delightful display of skill, tenacity, and unmatched team spirit. With two captivating encounters, the teams left no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory. Let's delve into the pulsating action that unfolded at the Tamilnadu Special Police 5th Battalion Ground in Avadi.

Match 1: SM Nagar's Dominance Shines Bright in a 5-0 Triumph Over KGS Hockey

SM Nagar unleashed a relentless attacking force, overwhelming KGS Hockey in a remarkable 5-0 victory. From the onset, SM Nagar's forwards showcased their lethal prowess, leaving KGS Hockey with little chance to recover. The goal-scoring spree began in the 10th minute when S Prabhakaran unleashed a blistering shot from the right side of the shooting circle, leaving goalkeeper Rajkumar helpless.

SM Nagar VS KGS Hockey Action

S J Gopi added to the tally in the 14th minute, skillfully maneuvering past two defenders and delicately pushing the ball past the line. R Harikrishanan replicated Prabhakaran's goal in the 16th minute, this time from the left side of the shooting circle. Hariharan redeemed himself in the 20th minute, scoring a class goal after missing a golden opportunity a minute earlier. The final goal of the match came in the 36th minute when Prakash Ayyadurai netted a sliding pass from Kugan, capping off an impressive display of teamwork.

While KGS Hockey struggled to match SM Nagar's dominance, their midfield trio of Raja, Vinod, and Somesh Saravana showcased glimpses of brilliance. However, it wasn't enough to stem the tide of SM Nagar's relentless attacks.

Reflecting on the victory, Prabhakaran, the captain of SM Nagar, expressed his satisfaction, stating, "We played with tremendous determination and executed our game plan flawlessly. The team's combined efforts were instrumental in this resounding victory."

Rajendran, the captain of KGS Hockey, acknowledged SM Nagar's supremacy, saying, "It was a challenging match against a strong opponent. Although we fell short today, we will regroup and come back stronger in our future matches."

Match 2: Avadi Blues Triumph with a 2-1 Win Over Saravanavel Memorial Hockey

The second match of the day witnessed an enthralling battle between Avadi Blues and Saravanavel Memorial Hockey, with Avadi Blues emerging victorious with a narrow 2-1 scoreline. The game kicked off with a bang as Mano Aravind of Avadi Blues drove a powerful hit from the top of the circle, culminating in a brilliant team goal. The play began from the center with Santha Kumar, involving Dilip and Jagan, who assisted Mano for a seamless finish in the 2nd minute.

Avadi Blues Vs Saravanavel Memorial

Jagan added to the Blues' lead in the 20th minute, showcasing his skillful play by evading two defenders and unleashing a splendid tomahawk shot. Saravanavel Memorial Hockey fought back valiantly, with Karunakaran smartly receiving a high-rise ball and slipping it past the goalkeeper's legs in the 21st minute to keep their hopes alive.

The match was a testament to the Blues' resilience, as they successfully weathered the storm of Saravanavel's attacks to secure the victory. Francis, the man of the match from the previous encounter, once again displayed his exceptional goalkeeping skills, making crucial saves to preserve the Blues' lead.

Hamesh Kumar, the Blues' manager, commended the team's performance, stating, "The boys showed incredible character and determination throughout the match. It was a hard-fought victory, and I am proud of their efforts."

Karunakaran, the goalscorer for Saravanavel, expressed his disappointment, saying, "Despite the loss, we gave it our all and fought until the final whistle. We will learn from this experience and come back stronger in the upcoming matches."

Local children who came to see the match having a go at hockey

The Tiruvallur League is making waves throughout the district, captivating the hearts of fans who throng to witness the exhilarating hardcourt hockey in their own neighborhood. The presence of the league has sparked a newfound enthusiasm among youngsters who eagerly participate in practice sessions following the matches at the TSP 5th Battalion Ground. The league not only provides thrilling sporting action but also acts as a catalyst for the growth and development of hockey at the grassroots level.

Children having hockey fun at half time

As the journey of the Tiruvallur League continues, we can expect more extraordinary performances, breathtaking goals, and captivating encounters that will leave fans yearning for more.

Stay tuned as the drama unfolds in the Tiruvallur League, igniting the passion for hockey in the hearts of fans across the region!

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