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"Tiruvallur Premier Hockey League Enters Mid-Season with Moscow Magic on Top of the Table"

League standings
TPL Pool table

The Tiruvallur Premier Hockey League is underway and the pool table standings have been revealed. After three rounds of matches, Moscow Magic sits comfortably at the top of the table with three wins, while Dhyand Veerans are in second place with seven points.

KGS Academy occupies the third position with a huge goal difference on top of Pattabiram Strikers, who also share 6 points in the table. Unfortunately, Dallar Hockey club & Avadi Blues are yet to secure a victory and are sitting at the bottom of the table. Hockstars, with their solo victory, are in the 6th spot, and SM Nagar is static on the table in the 5th place.

Mr. Muneer, the League Technical Director, expressed his satisfaction with the league's progress and said, "We are pleased to see the level of competition among the teams. It's great to see the enthusiasm and passion for hockey among the players and fans."

Coach Kumar of Moscow Magic said, "We are thrilled with our current position in the standings. Our players have been working hard and playing well, and we hope to continue our winning streak."

SM Hamesh of Avadi Blues stated, "Although we have not secured the desired results, we are happy with the team's performance. We are working hard to improve our game and hope to climb up the table."

Sridharan of Pattabiram Strikers expressed his optimism and said, "We are pleased with our current position in the standings, but we know we have a long way to go. Our focus is on improving our game and moving up the table."

SM Nagar's captain Prabhakaran was optimistic to move to the top of the table towards the end of the month with 4games in hand. He said "The league for us is a eye opener as a team, we were able to hold the Dhyan Veerans for a draw, this shows our commitment and confidence towards winning this league and we will surely continue to create an impact."

Olympian Thirumalvalavan coach of KGS Hockey Academy said, "We have two injured players, but we have a talented squad and are confident of our abilities. We are working hard to improve our game and hope to climb up the table."

Lazar, the owner of Dallar, said, "We have had a disappointing start to the league, but we are not giving up. We will continue to work hard and improve our game."

Somesh, the owner of Hockstars, said, "We are happy with our solo victory, but we know we have a lot of work to do. We will continue to work hard and hope to secure more victories."

As the league progresses, fans can expect even more exciting matches and intense competition among the teams. It's the perfect opportunity for fans to unite and support their favorite teams. Let's cheer them on and make the forthcoming matches an unforgettable experience!

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