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Tiruvallur Premier Hockey League Releases May Month Fixtures

The much-awaited May month fixtures of the Tiruvallur Premier Hockey League have been released. Fans of the league can now mark their calendars and prepare for some exciting matches throughout the month.

According to the fixtures, the first match of May will be played between Dhyand Veerans and Avadi Blues on May 7th at Sri NPV Ramasamy Udayar Hockey Centre. The league will see a total of 12 matches in May, with the last match scheduled on May 14 between Hockstars and Avadi Blues after which the league will take a brief pause for 2 weeks and restart on June 3rd.

Speaking about the fixtures, Mr. Munner, the technical director of the league said, "We are thrilled to announce the fixtures for the May month of the Tiruvallur Premier Hockey League. The league has seen some fantastic performances so far, and we are looking forward to some intense matches in May."

Fans of the league are equally excited about the upcoming matches.

  • "I cannot wait to see my favorite team, Veerans, play in May. The league has been exciting so far, and I am sure the matches in May will be even more thrilling." - Ramesh, a Veerans fan.

  • "I have been following the league closely, and I must say, the matches have been nothing short of amazing. I am looking forward to the match between Hockstars and Avadi Blues. It's going to be a tough competition." - Priya, a Hockstars fan.

  • "Dallar Hockey Club has been improving with every match, and I am sure they will put up a good fight against Avadi Blues. The league has been an excellent platform for young talents to showcase their skills." - Suresh, a Dallar Hockey Club fan.

The fixtures promise an exciting month for hockey fans in Tiruvallur. Make sure to catch your favorite team in action and witness some fantastic hockey matches. All the matches will take place at the scenic Sri NPV Ramasamy Udayar Hockey Centre, which has state-of-the-art facilities for Hockey.

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